Getting a New Direction During the Dog Days of Summer

Since the end of my effort for a PhD I have been slowly searching for a new direction. I can't say that I have found one as of yet but as part of the process I decided to interview different people from the Japanese comedy world and put those interviews up on this website. I don't know how many I'll be able to get done before our next baby is born (in early September) but I have a list of varied performers that I'd like to talk to. My first interview with Asakusa comedians Harukaze Kouta Fukuta has just been translated and put up. Please check it out. 

On the comedy front, one of my favourite late night TV shows has become Jiwa Jiwa Chaplin, a program that is one of the few places one can see up and coming comedy talent on television these days. In fact, I was happy to see two graduates from my university in Japan (and fellow members of the university comedy group) make appearances on the show (as part of a separate duo and trio). There are several unique duos and solo acts on the show but my favourite has to be  Hirano Nana. Her over the top impersonation of a woman from the "bubble" era of Japan is great in small doses. A sample of her work can be seen above. Other than that I will try and spend what little time I have during the Summer vacation generating new and interesting content through interviews so stay tuned!



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