This page profiles different theaters and other comedy venues in the Tokyo and surrounding area. In the future sites in the Kansai area will also be featured. 

Asakusa Engei Hall

The Engei Hall is a yose, a theater devoted mainly to rakugo. It is a mecca for rakugo in the Tokyo area and should be your first stop for the top hanashika as well as a great place to see other variety acts (or iromono) inbetween the rakugo.

Ticket prices: 2500 ~ 3000 yen

Tokyo-to, Taito-ku,
Asakusa 1-43-12, 
Asakusa Rokku Kōban Mae

Asakusa Furansu-za Engeijō Toyokan

Usually just called the Toyokan, this yose is located in the same building as the Engei Hall on the fourth floor. This yose specializes in manzai with some other acts mixed in. Although many of these comedians are not well known to most television audiences the atmosphere is great and there are plenty of laughs to be had. Some popular acts that regularly appear are the duos Knights, U-ji Ko-ji, and Utsumi Keiko, a former manzai-shi that still performs solo at the age of 92.

Ticket prices: 2500 ~ 3000 yen

Tokyo-to, Taito-ku,
Asakusa 1-43-12, 
Asakusa Rokku Kōban Mae


Located in Shinjuku this charming yose almost seems like a time machine. Step inside and you're taken back in time to simpler era of comedy. Step outside and you are transported back to 21st century Tokyo. The small theater is a great place to catch the best rakugoka with zashiki (an area where one can sit on tatami mats) seating on either side of the first floor. It is one of the major yose in the Tokyo area and is a must see for rakugo fans.

Ticket prices: 2500 ~ 3000 yen

Yoshimoto Mugen Dai Hall

This manzai theater, located in the youth-centered Shibuya, is a proving grounds of sorts for young comedians at Yoshimoto Kogyo (the largest agency of comedic talent in Japan). Almost like the minor league baseball system in the US, comedians perform and compete each month to move up the pyramid and eventually to greater fame and fortune. The comedy here can be hit or miss but if you're lucky you may be able to a future star before they hit it big.

Ticket prices: 1000 yen for many shows

Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Udagawa-cho 31-2, Shibuya Beam Nai

Lumine the Yoshimoto

Love them or hate them, one cannot deny the power of the Osaka-based Yoshimoto Kōgyō in the comedy world. In Tokyo, located on the top floor of the Lumine department store in Shinjuku station (found just outside the Southern exit) Lumine the Yoshimoto is probably the easiest way to see a wide range of the top comedic talent belonging to the largest comedy agency in Japan. Although it's a bit expensive, Yoshimoto comedians that are regular stars on television can easily been seen at this venue in many of the shows they have during the day. There is also a large gift shop featuring all sorts of merchandise, DVDs, snacks, etc. related to specific comedians and the Yoshimoto brand. 

Ticket prices: 3000 to 3500 yen range


Yokohama Nigiwai Za

The Yokohama Nigiwai Za is a relatively new rakugo theater (yose) in the Tokyo/ Kanagawa area. The yose is located just a few minutes walk from Sakuragicho station (on the side of the station leading away from Minato Mirai). Built in 2002, it seats 391 and even features a small rakugo museum of sorts on the second floor featuring autographs of prominent performers. Former Shouten and current Yokohama resident Katsura Utamaru is in charge of the theater. The website is nice enough to have an English section with some information as well.

Ticket prices: from 1500 yen to 2800 or more depending on the event 

Kanagawa, Yokohama-shi, Naka-ku,
Nogechou 3-110-1