This section features interviews with professional comedians, hanashika, and other people involved in the business of making people laugh in Japan. I hope it will provide insight into the process of comedy, what life as a comedian is really like and background on this industry from many different angles. 


Harukaze Kōta Fukuta

With 50 years of comedy under their belt this duo still bring the laughs regularly at the Asakusa Engei Hall. Known for upbeat back-and-forth and a certain "bite" I got them to open up about their beginning and more.


Sanyūtei Jubei

In this interview we sit down with Sanyutei Jubei, a Swedish national who has just taken the extraordinary step of becoming a professional rakugoka. Learn all about his adventures in this world of Japanese tradition.


Kadentei LoveMehta

Don't let his status as an amateur and a foreigner fool you. Nirav Mehta or "LoveMehta" as he is known on stage is a talented rakugo performer that warrants attention. Learn more about this unique rakugo performer. 

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Sanyūtei Aiba

Making your way in the rakugo world is tough for anyone much less a woman in a this male-dominated tradition. Learn about Aiba's efforts to prove herself as a female rakugoka.


Furo Wakuzo

He's just your average comedian/ Thai boxing announcer who also performs in local public baths in Tokyo. Learn all about what led this unusually clean comedian to the stage, the ring, and to the public bath.


The Newspaper

The comedy group the Newspaper is a rare animal in the Japanese comedy scene. They satrize politicians and the news of the day on stage. We talked with two members of the cutting edge group.